Support FAQ lil SOLID EZ
Support FAQ lil SOLID EZ

lil SOLID Ez is a simple to use one-piece device to have an experience without the  ash, smoke or lingering smell. 
 It heats from the inside by a stainless-steel pin.
 With lil SOLID Ez you will enjoy:
 - Consistent experiences, with 3 back-to-back consecutive uses 
 - Up to 25 experiences on a single charge*
 - 5 minutes duration of one session
 Available in 5 new colours:  white, blue, mint, rose gold and black.
 * Subject to battery performance degradation and conditions of use.

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lil SOLID Ez and lil SOLID 2.0 - are both HeatNotBurn alternatives to tradictional smoking. lil™ SOLID Ez is the next generation of lil™ SOLID 2.0 all-in-one heating device introduced by IQOS™ 
 What’s new:
 1. heating technology – resistive heating with a pin 
 2. new device finishing - glossy finish
 3. 5 new colours
 4. Smaller & lighter – 78.9 gr for lil SOLID Ez vs 98.8 gr for lil SOLID 2.0
 5. 4 new cap accessories for personalization. Now with a total portfolio of 9 coloured caps 
 6. New additional cleaning tool – lil SOLID Cleaner Pro, for cleaning the cap and around the pin. Sold separately. 

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Both devices – lil SOLID Ez and IQOS ORIGINALS - have HeatNotBurn systems and heat tobacco sticks from inside. However, there are some differences: 

 With both technologies you can enjoy  an experience without fire, smoke and ash.
 It is your own preferences, goals and budget that define your choice.
 Whether you choose lil™ SOLID Ez or IQOS ORIGINALS, they are both smoke-free products and a better choice than traditional smoking. They both are not risk free and provide nicotine which is addictive.

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You receive the new device in sleep mode. To wake up the device, press the button for 2 seconds or connect the charger to the charging port.
 Once the device is activated, the Status LED blinks in ice blue for one second and vibration occurs twice, simultaneously.
 We recommend to fully charge your new Iil SOLD Ez device with the supplied AC Power Adaptor before using it. It takes up to 2 hours. 
 Slide and open the cover of the stick insertion part at the top of the device and insert the heat tobacco stick with the stick facing down.
 Press the stick until it touches the bottom of the stick insertion part. 
 To start your device, press the button for 2 seconds until vibration occurs.
 Preheating will last for about 25 seconds. The duration time of the preheating process can vary according to the use environment.
 When the preheating process ends, the Status LED lights illuminate, and vibration occurs simultaneously. The stick is ready for use.
 Use: you have up to 14 puffs or 5 minutes, whichever comes first.
 To signal the last 30 seconds of the session or the last 3 puffs, whichever comes first, the device will vibrate once and the Status LED will blink in ice blue until the end of the session.
 At the end of the session, the Status LED and the device turn off automatically. You do not need to press the Button.
 Remove the tobacco stick after the end of the experience:
 Rotate the stick to one direction 3 times or more and pull the stick out of the device. 
 Close the cover of the device to prevent any foreign particles from entering.

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You may use the device up to 3 consecutive times without waiting time.

After 3 consecutive uses (within 18 minutes) the device will cool down automatically. Please wait. It will take 3,5 minutes before you can use it again.

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To check the charge level of lil SOLID Ez, short press the button or plug the device in a power outlet using the supplied USB Cable and AC Power Adaptor.
 The Status LED light will indicate the current charge level of your device.
 Although Iil™ SOLID device does not require a full charge to work, we recommend to fully charge it before the first use.

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To reset your lil SOLID Ez, press the button for 8 seconds, even if vibration occurs within 2 seconds. The State LED will blink twice in red, orange, ice blue and blue, sequentially. 
 The device is completely reset when the State LED lights blinks in ice blue for 1 second, and vibration occurs twice, simultaneously.

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It is important to keep your device clean from any foreign particles, remnants or dust. For this, please, keep the lid closed at any time after the use.

For optimal experience, clean your device after every 20 uses.

You can clean your lil SOLID Ez in three ways: with a Dual Cleaner (comes with the device), by cleaning with heat* or with a lil SOLID Cleaner Pro (sold separately).

How to Clean your IQOS lil SOLID Ez device with the Dual Cleaner:
To use the Cleaning Wiper, gently snap open the side with the ⊙  (circle) mark.
To use the Cleaning Brush, gently snap open the side with the  (multiple dots) mark.
Remove the cap from the cooled device and insert the Cleaning Wiper into the heating chamber and clean by spinning the wiper.
Insert the Cleaning Brush into the heating chamber and clean by spinning the brush.
Cleaning with Heat*:
To clean with heat, quickly press the button 5 times (within 2 seconds).  The State LED will blink orange for 90 seconds and the cleaning process happens automatically
When the cleaning process ends, the State LED automatically goes OFF, and vibration occurs 2 times

* Cleaning with heat means heating the remnants stuck to the heater. The heater can get very hot, so do not let anything come into contact with the heater during or immediately after cleaning with heat.

Cleaning with lil SOLID Cleaner Pro:
This new cleaning tool is efficient to remove hard tobacco residue that cumulate around the pin and inside the cap
It also allows to restore the delivery of aerosol like a new device.

Use the cleaning wiper (the side with the “hole”) to clean around the pin:
1. remove the cap
2. insert the cleaning wiper in the heating chamber
3. rotate several times to remove the crust.

Use the cleaning “brush” (the side with the protruding pin) to clean the cap:
1. insert the cleaning tool from the bottom of the cap
2. rotate several times 

To reduce residual tobacco smell after removing hard particles, use the cleaning sticks.

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Solid red light for 2 sec with two vibrations -> low battery
Please charge your device

Red light blinks 5 times -> device malfunciton
Reset the device by pressing the button for 8 seconds, even if vibration occurs within 2 seconds.

Orange light blinks 3 times -> device needs to cool down or exceeds operating temperature range
After 3 consecutive uses (within 18 minutes) - an orange light indicates that the device needs to cool down. The device will be put in the cool down mode automatically. Please wait. It will take 3,5 minutes before you can use another stick.

It could also indicate that the temperature has gone beyond the operating temperature 0~40℃.

Orange light blinks 2 times -> liquid ingression
Please do not use the device and dry it until the light stops blinking.
If the light does not stop blinking, please, contact us at Customer Support Center 0800 1515 or visit us at the nearest IQOS store.

Blinking green light and device not responding -> device in updating mode
To interrupt the update process, disconnect the device from the power source

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If you have not used the device for a long period of time, please ensure there is no visible damage present and then, try to charge it fully before attempting to turn it on.

To conserve battery life, the device will return to sleep mode:
1. if it is not charged for 24 hours when the Status LED light is red
2. if it is not used for 7 days when the Status LED light is orange, ice blue, or blue

Please note, when you start charging the battery after a long period of inactivity, i.e. when your battery has been completely depleted, the charging lights may not appear right away. This is a normal process.

If the charging does not happen, please, contact our Customer Support via:
- phone: 0800 1515
- e-mail:

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For optimal charge, use a supplied AC Power Adaptor and Charging cable.
Please ensure you use the right charging method. We recommend charging only with the USB Cable and AC Power Adaptor designed for lil™ SOLID. Only 5V 2A chargers will support optimal charging.

If you use other types of chargers, such as smartphone chargers, car phone chargers, or portable power banks, may cause low charge efficiency or reduced battery life.

Foreign particles may cause poor connectivity between the device and the AC Power Adaptor. To ensure the connectivity between the USB connections, please, ensure that they are clean both on the device and the AC Power Adaptor.

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Yes, you can still get support, even if the device is discontinued, according to the warranty terms.
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This product is not risk-free and delivers nicotine, which is addictive. For adult use only.​