How to clean lil SOLID Ez?

Support FAQ lil SOLID EZ How to clean lil SOLID Ez?
Support FAQ lil SOLID EZ How to clean lil SOLID Ez?

It is important to keep your device clean from any foreign particles, remnants or dust. For this, please, keep the lid closed at any time after the use.

For optimal experience, clean your device after every 20 uses.

You can clean your lil SOLID Ez in three ways: with a Dual Cleaner (comes with the device), by cleaning with heat* or with a lil SOLID Cleaner Pro (sold separately).

How to Clean your IQOS lil SOLID Ez device with the Dual Cleaner:
To use the Cleaning Wiper, gently snap open the side with the ⊙  (circle) mark.
To use the Cleaning Brush, gently snap open the side with the  (multiple dots) mark.
Remove the cap from the cooled device and insert the Cleaning Wiper into the heating chamber and clean by spinning the wiper.
Insert the Cleaning Brush into the heating chamber and clean by spinning the brush.
Cleaning with Heat*:
To clean with heat, quickly press the button 5 times (within 2 seconds).  The State LED will blink orange for 90 seconds and the cleaning process happens automatically
When the cleaning process ends, the State LED automatically goes OFF, and vibration occurs 2 times

* Cleaning with heat means heating the remnants stuck to the heater. The heater can get very hot, so do not let anything come into contact with the heater during or immediately after cleaning with heat.

Cleaning with lil SOLID Cleaner Pro:
This new cleaning tool is efficient to remove hard tobacco residue that cumulate around the pin and inside the cap
It also allows to restore the delivery of aerosol like a new device.

Use the cleaning wiper (the side with the “hole”) to clean around the pin:
1. remove the cap
2. insert the cleaning wiper in the heating chamber
3. rotate several times to remove the crust.

Use the cleaning “brush” (the side with the protruding pin) to clean the cap:
1. insert the cleaning tool from the bottom of the cap
2. rotate several times 

To reduce residual tobacco smell after removing hard particles, use the cleaning sticks.

This product is not risk-free and delivers nicotine, which is addictive. For adult use only.​