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FDA Authorization for IQOS

What is the FDA?

What is an MRTP?

What is the difference between FDA approval and authorization?

What is the difference between IQOS as a Modified Risk Tobacco Product and vaping products?

How does the US FDA announcement change the marketing of PMI’s smoke-free products?

Heat not Burn Technology

Is using IQOS safe or risk-free?

Is nicotine harmful?

What is the totality of evidence you refer to when claiming that switching to IQOS presents less risk than continued smoking?

How do you measure the number of IQOS users?

What is this 3R4F cigarette you refer to?

Orders and Commercial Information

How do I contact Customer Support?

What do I do if I have an issue with my device?

What is the best way to clean my IQOS?

What should I do to benefit the IQOS Test Drive program?

Are there any changes to the IQOS Test Drive program?

IQOS vs. e-cigarettes

Which is the difference between IQOS and e-cigarettes?

IQOS™ Information

Where can I buy IQOS™?

How can I enroll in the personalized Assistance Program?

Registration & Profile

What are the benefits of registration?

How can I easily register my IQOS™ device?

Services & Repairs

What should I do if my IQOS™ device is not functioning?

Does my IQOS™ have a warranty?

Additional Support