IQOS ILUMA: "Next Level" grand event

The IQOS ILUMA launch event at the iconic Pyramid of Tirana was definitely a journey that transcended the ordinary, setting a standard and discovering a new dimension for all guests, inspired by the next-level technology that IQOS ILUMA brings.

Music in higher tones signaled the start of the event, surprising the audience with a contemporary ballet performance and moderator Ardit Gjebrea in hologram form.

The presentation of IQOS ILUMA also came through advanced hologram technology, to once again seal the "Next Level" concept on which this event was built.

The event was conceived divided into three areas, each of which represented a pillar of IQOS ILUMA's philosophy. In the area of simplicity, the talented Joana Dhiamandi displayed her glass installation, a testament to the fusion of technology and art.

In the pleasure zone, the molecular gastronomy of chef Gent Malaveci was in the center of attention. Among the delights were "Roses", a refreshing drink elegantly served on a rose.

The technology zone, run by Kushtrim Juniku, was a haven for tech enthusiasts, where through artificial intelligence guests had the opportunity to capture the moment, creating memories that would last beyond the night.

The magnificent party culminated with Marsela Çibukaj and Olen Çezari, who "warmed up" the audience with their sounds, taking the atmosphere to the next level.

The evening of December 7 was a combination of technology with art and culture, a fusion of artistic performances with technological innovation, which undoubtedly sealed the "Next Level" experience for all participants.

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