In conversation with an IQOS Coach - Silvi

"Two years ago I was on vacation with a friend who was an IQOS user. The moment I tried it we were in Saranda, but I liked it so much that I went to Greece exclusively to get myself a device. It was love at first taste! "– says Silvi with his eyes sparkling the way they usually do when you talk about something you like so much.

After a very long experience in marketing and sales, Silvi says he just couldn’t wait to become an IQOS Coach.

And, in fact, experience tells us that this kind of job is done because of the desire for a flexible timetable, or because of a personality oriented in the latest technology. For Silvi, the thing that makes the IQOS Coach such a beloved profession is the challenge “To find the right alternative for the client based on their personality is one the most interesting challenges of this job. Most of the time you can understand from the phone call, from the way someone is answering or is asking questions if they are really interested or not. Then, you need to read a bit into their character to understand which aspect of IQOS would be more suitable for them.”-says Silvi. Converting someone to IQOS is a pleasure of its own, and he enjoys customizing and adapting to the consumer profile.

My job doesn’t end when the device is sold. Tirana is small and we frequently bump into each other, and my greatest pleasure is seeing that my clients are very satisfied with IQOS. My advice is that IQOS should not be initially taught from a friend. To avoid getting the wrong information, based on personal opinions or even gossip, I emphasize that the introduction to IQOS should be done in the presence of a trained person. There are many people for example that have been using it for years and they still don’t know the right way to, let’s say, even clean it. The most common saying from the clients in these cases is “Look, I wasn’t taught it like this.” That’s why you need an IQOS Coach like Silvi!

A device and product presentation can be held wherever the interested person is. IQOS Coaches are just a phone call away and can come wherever there’s a potential client in very flexible hours. Silvi has discovered a very interesting trick, an example with which he explains the IQOS device to anyone: the laurel leaf! "When we were young, our parents used a lot the steam of the Laurel leaf. When heated it’s amazing, but when it’s burned – unbearable! The same thing is applied with IQOS HeatControl technology which heats tobacco instead of burning it."

"I’m cut out for sales! I studied economics, I come from a family of economists, but I never worked a single day as an economist. Field work is perfect for me and I will do it as long as I can"– says Silvi about his professional future. And when it comes to the future of IQOS, he states very convinced: "IQOS truly is the future, because we are talking about more than a brand- it the commitment to build a smoke-free future by working every days to deliver a better alternative to smokers"

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