Terms and conditions for potential user registration


Platform for potential user registration at is run by Philip Morris Albania SHPK, NUIS no. K71405001S, with its registered office address at “Rruga Murat Toptani, Pallati Qendra e Biznesit Eurocol Nr. 1, Zyra Nr. K10”, Tirana, Albania.

    1. The purpose of these Registration Conditions (“RC”) is to make you aware of the basic rules and principles of registration in our platform and our legal relationship arising therefrom. These RC intentionally avoid detailed descriptions of issues that are self-evident from the context. These RC have been made in English and in Albanian. In case of any discrepancy the Albanian version shall prevail.
    2. The potential user registration platform is intended for getting in contact with IQOS sales representatives on territory of Republic of Albania.
    1. As the goods offered in our platform are electronic devices for the use of smokeless tobacco products, we have to ensure that we make no deliveries to persons under 18 years of age. That is why we request confirmation of your age when you visit our website and age verification both at registration and on delivery of the ordered goods.
    2. We will never make a delivery to a person under 18 years of age.
    3. The user registration platform is accessible only to registered users. We verify a customer’s age at registration or/and upon delivery by inspecting the customer’s identity document (ID card, driving licence, passport); we do all this to comply with the law.
    4. If you are under 18 years of age and register, your registration will be cancelled immediately after we become aware of this.
    1. Platform serves for easier contact between you as interested legal age smoker and the IQOS products distributor.
    2. By completing and sending the order form, you are expressing your will and giving consent to be contacted by third party – distributor in order to become familiar with product characteristics. Distributor will contact you within 7 days. Sales representatives will present you two alternatives how you can get familiar with IQOS technology and potentially buy certain product by directing you to the closest IQOS store, or arranging a meeting on the place and time you choose, according to the law.
    3. Registration is not obligatory neither for you or distributor. Terms and conditions that may eventually arise between you and the distributor become effective if you decide to buy certain products immediately after a live contact. The offer for getting in contact presented on this platform is not obligatory if the distributor doesn’t have those products on stock.

    By accepting the RC, you confirm that:

    a) You are a smoker older than 18 years of age,

    b) Personal information that you have voluntarily provided is true and accurate, and

    c) You were duly informed, before providing your personal data, about the fact that Philip Morris Albania SHPK (“PMA”) is the data controller, purpose of data collection and processing, categories of the users and processors of personal data.

    By accepting the RC, you give your consent to PMA to:

    1. Collect, store, process and use your personal information for the purposes of:

    - customer support related to IQOS™ electric device,

    - market research by research agency which will be appointed by PMA and

    - future communication with you;

    2. Provide you with information and communications, using any means (phone calls, mail, email, SMS, etc.), related to:

    - IQOS™ devices and related products,

    - tobacco products, products that contain tobacco, consumer devices, including but not limited to information and material on brand launches, packaging changes, events, market activities and/or the regulation of tobacco products, to the extent the above is permitted under applicable laws,

    - other information that PMA considers important and relevant;

    3. Transfer to and process your personal data through PMA affiliates or, subject to contracts through third parties, or (if required by law) authorities, in Albania or abroad, including but not limited to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia and Switzerland (for example, locating the database in one country and accessing the database remotely from another country), for the purposes specified under items 1 and 2 above, as well as for analytical, market research and consumer survey purposes (participation to which might be refused by you at any point in time);

    4. keep your personal data in a secured way in Albania or abroad, in line with the laws of Albania, for a period that suits the purpose of collection, unless your consent is revoked beforehand;

    5. Record potential telephone calls between yourself and IQOS customer care telephone operator, for the purposes of improvement of the quality of provided services.

    You may revoke your consent to all of the above, wholly or partially, as well as request that the information is up-dated/revised, at any time by mail to Philip Morris Albania SHPK, Njësia Bashkiake Nr. 7, Rruga Murat Toptani, Pallati Qendra e Biznesit Eurocol, Nr. 1, Zyra Nr. K10, 1000, Tiranë, or e-mail request to the following e-mail adress:

    We at PMA commit to respect your privacy and keep securely your personal data. We commit that any data transfer and/or processing that were hereby allowed by you, will be managed in lines with the EU standards and standards applicable in Albania. Any communication by PMA to you will be addressed using the data submitted by you in the registration/submission form. For more information about the privacy rules of Philip Morris International please read the Privacy Notice. If you do not want to receive information from PMA, please write to us at We commit to delete your data within 30 days from your request.