Enjoy the Next Level in a Smoke-Free World

We congratulate you on becoming part of the IQOS community, joining the millions of users worldwide who have reached the next level in the smoke-free world.
 Through advanced bladeless SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ technology, IQOS ILUMA brings the latest innovation of tobacco heating while avoiding combustion. A more satisfying experience, no smoking residue, no blade breaks and no cleaning.
 We are here to support you throughout your journey, sharing useful tips for the proper use of IQOS ILUMA.



Charging an IQOS ILUMA device is quite easy. As soon as you place the holder on the pocket charger, charging starts automatically. Meanwhile, you can charge the pocket charger at any time via the adapter found in the device box. The IQOS ILUMA device also has the option of vibrating, which informs you of the charging status of your holder. One charge of the holder enables two consecutive experiences, while a full charge of the pocket charger allows 20 experiences in total.

So if you charge your IQOS ILUMA overnight, you'll be ready for the next day 

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IQOS ILUMA, compared to the previous generation devices, comes with many improvements. And what is most important, IQOS ILUMA does not need CLEANING.

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 The IQOS app

Download the IQOS app for a next-level experience. This app offers a number of benefits and features that make managing your device easier. With an improved experience, you can monitor battery status, locate your device, and perform automatic diagnostics. All the necessary information is there for you, including advice, answers to the most frequently asked questions and immediate help in case of uncertainty.


Download IQOS App at: Google Play, PC, MAC.

IQOS Club brings you exclusive benefits

Your IQOS Club activity will bring you many benefits, such as gift vouchers, exclusive events and discounts on device purchases. Soon, you will have the opportunity to participate in surveys that will earn you new IQOS Club points.

Today we reward you with the first 5 points in IQOS Club, to support you in your journey towards a smoke-free world.

Earn IQOS Club points.

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