Magic festival in Athens by IQOS under the name "Together X"

The fantastic event Together X brought together about 4000 IQOS users from all over the world, where 30 people from Albania also participated. 3 energetic days in Athens, to celebrate the common values and goals of the IQOS community, who have chosen a better alternative to smoking and the vision of a smoke-free future.


First day


The three-day magic started on September 28 at 10:00 a.m. for the 30 people who left Albania. The unique experiences and surprises started as soon as they got the hotel room, where each of the IQOS users received a personalized IQOS ILUMA Limited Edition device as a gift and wristbands as an entry ticket to the event. In the evening all IQOS users clinked glasses for Together X.


Second Day


September 29 culminated with the grand event organized under the name "Together X" in Ellinikon Park. IQOS colors dressed up the evening with angles specially for unique photos and videos. Dedicated IQOS staff welcomed and accompanied IQOS users from around the world to participate in every activity within the festival, ranging from personalization of IQOS devices, Together X 3D logo drinks, molecular cocktails and specific photo and video locations. Of course, the icing on the cake was the music and performances of well-known Greek and international artists.


Third day


On the last day, IQOS users who were able to wake up in time from the previous night's fun visited the historical spots of Athens. After the free hours of the morning, the return to Tirana organized by IQOS made the end of this adventure even more comfortable.


Where there are magical events and visions of a smoke-free future, it's IQOS. So, hurry to register your IQOS profile (if you haven't done it yet). Add color to your experiences with IQOS and participate in the activities of the moment dedicated only to IQOS users.

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