IQOS TogetherX x Ricky Martin

Under The TogetherX logo, IQOS aims to unite all proponents of the best alternatives and encourage adult smokers to join towards a smoke-free future.



In addition to the latest technology alternatives for adult smokers, IQOS gives its consumers unique experiences in memorable events. IQOS stamped its name again on the exciting and rhythmic evening of July 20. TogetherX shined brightly on one of the most exciting events of this summer season under the Latin rhythms of music legend Ricky Martin. 



The innovation of this concert was precisely that adult smokers at the event venue had access only smoke-free alternative products. 


Ricky Martin's concert was another memorable event. IQOS will continue to provide unique experiences for IQOS Club members. Discover the benefits of a better alternative to smoking and enjoy the privileges of being part of the IQOS community.


Keep up to the right by following us on our social media feeds, via our emails and of course, with your account creation. If you are a new IQOS user, remember to register your device so you don't miss any experience with us.


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