Innovation and Fun at IQOS Event with Polestar

The event held between IQOS and Polestar, showed once again our attention and commitment to IQOS users to enrich our experiences with us. Innovation is the second name for IQOS and Polestar as two visionary collaborators who aim for a smoke-free future.

This event marked an important step for our partnership with Polestar towards a new world, where the combination of innovative technology and awareness towards a better burn-free alternative came together to create an exceptional experience for the large IQOS Club family. Our users had the opportunity to get acquainted with polestar's modern machines, but not only that.

Together we enjoyed a fantastic evening full of surprises, games and gifts. At this exciting event, participants were surprised by the IQOS offerings and games as well as the developed electric car technology Polestar. The benefits of a smoke-free world were highlighted, aiming to provide a better solution for each of us. Participants had a memorable evening, where they had the opportunity to test cars and feel part of a big change and a sustainable development again. See below for more:

IQOS is part of the most fantastic events in Albania and you can join us by following us on our social networks, keep up to the readers of our emails and check your IQOS Club account.

If you're an adult smoker and IQOS user, remember to register your device so you don't miss out on any experience in the smokeless world and countless fun.

IQOS, no fire, no smoke without ash | IQOS Albania

IQOS offers heated tobacco alternatives to traditional smoking. Learn about our smoke-free alternatives to consider switching from traditional smoking to IQOS today. Find out more about iqos.com

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