Get more with IQOS Club!

When an adult smoker decides to buy a device by choosing a better smoke-free and ash-free alternative, an IQOS Club account is automatically set up.


It's where you find your data, the devices you've purchased and the many benefits of IQOS Club.


If you follow us on Instagram, you've probably seen the many events organized, but also discount or gift coupons. The IQOS Club surprises every moment.


The key to getting more benefits is to step up in levels. When you're at Silver level, you're benefiting the minimum possible from your account. After collecting 150 points, you reach the Gold level and the benefits for you increase more and more. By collecting 300 points, you are part of the Platinum level, where you can get exclusive experiences and benefits.


What is the secret to IQOS Club to accumulate points? There is no secret, we even repeat the ways how to very often.


Once every two days, if you log into your account, you earn 2 points. When a friend buys a device with your unique reference code, you earn 60 points. When you buy accessories, when you visit IQOS areas, when you attend an event, etc., you earn points.


If no communication comes from us, you may have made the communication channels inactive. Check by entering your account and going to the bottom of the page.



If "Communication Channels" is not selected, click on "Change".



Then select the square where it says, "Communication Channels".


Once you have selected it, all forms of communication with you will appear. Select the forms of communication you want to receive notifications with and then click "Save".



Now you will be in touch with us again about all the news and following communications it will be easier to raise the level at IQOS Club.


For any uncertainty you can write to us on live chat on the Support page or call the free customer service number 0800 15 15.

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More to discover with Services & Privileges
Care you can count on.

Privileges to inspire you.​
Care you can count on
Access our personal coaches for support on how to get the best use from your IQOS. ​
Loyalty rewards
Earn points for member offers, device upgrades and exciting benefits.
Peace of mind
Accidental damage cover, rapid replacement and international assistance.