Outdoors with IQOS. Travel safely knowing these tips.

With time warming, the desire to travel more arises. Despite the summer season not yet beginning, many people are preparing to take outdoor trips. Some will probably hiking on different paths, while others decide to camp. Regardless of the activity you've planned, if you're an IQOS user, these tips will help you a lot on your trips.

  1. Start with a charged device. An IQOS Originals Duo with fully charged battery gives you 20 experiences. In any case, you can take the original charger of the device with you. If you find a plug during your trip, you can charge it. The pocket charger takes 120 minutes for a full charge.
  2. Clean the device before traveling. Use the cleaning kit and sticks before you leave so that you don't have to carry out this process while hiking or camping.
  3. Watch out for water. The equipment is water resistant, but not water-proof. If during your hiking you pass into rivers or streams, make sure your device is in a safe place and does not end up in the water. If such a situation occurs, contact the free customer service number 0800 15 15. Our agents will help you find the nearest IQOS service point to perform the replacement of the device, if it is within warranty.
  4. Don't forget the device in the sun. Every device has a safety measure. If the device reaches a temperature higher than 50°C, it stops working. This has nothing to worry about. Simply leave the device in the shade to cool and will it start working normally.

These tips are enough to enjoy an extraordinary experience with your IQOS ORIGINALS DUO device. It's important to remember that we are always here to help. Call the free customer service number 0800 15 15 for any questions or ambiguity you may have.

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