How to clean IQOS and LIL SOLID device?

Once you've switched to a better alternative than traditional smoking and decided on an IQOS ORIGINALS DUO or simple and practical LIL SOLID device, it's important to keep them clean for an optimal experience.

Visit the IQOS zones and your device will feel like new!

Visit us in IQOS zones, we will clean your device and show you the right way to clean and maintain it.

You'll have the best experience with our devices if you clean them every day after 20 experiences and only after the device has completely cooled.


When cleaning your IQOS device:

  1. Wait for the blade to cool down (minimum 30 seconds after the last consumption). Remove the cap, then insert the cleaner straight down.
  2. With light turns without pressure, move the cleaner 2-3 times back and forth (by no means a full circle). Take the cleaner straight up.
  3. If your cleaner has a second side, align it with the position of the heater blade (so that the lines of the holder and the cleaner are aligned), insert carefully and move to the side, from left to right to remove debris around the blade.
  4. Wipe the inner edges of the holder with a cleaning stick. After that, clean the cap as well.

Your experience will be better and even more complete if you also use the original IQOS sticks for cleaning the device.


If you use lil SOLID follow these simple steps and clean your device:

  1. Remove the cover from the device.
  2. Insert the double wiper and spin it.
  3. After cleaning with the double cleaner, start the automatic cleaning of the heater.


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