There Are Many Ways To Earn Points!

Purchase first IQOS device

35 points

Purchase an IQOS Holder or charger

20 points

Purchase an extra IQOS device

60 points

​ Recommend IQOS to an adult smoking friend

60 points

*max. 1 per month

Visit an IQOS store

10 points

*Once a month

Visit your IQOS CLUB profile

1 point

* 1 point every two days

Read IQOS Club communication (email)

2 points

* 1 point per email

Purchase an accessory over 1550 Lekë

20 points

Purchase an accessory up to 1500 Lekë

15 points

Purchase an accessory up to 500 Lekë

10 points

Recommend IQOS to adult smoker friends
Get points whenever your referred adult smoker friend purchases an IQOS device.

Discover All IQOS CLUB Benefits


Personalized help from IQOS CARE Agent

After the first purchase, our agents are at your disposal to help you in the first days of adjusting to the new experience with the IQOS device.

International assistance

Do you often travel abroad? In case you need IQOS customer support, we are at your disposal.

Accidental damage coverage

One replacement in the event, in case you accidentally damage your device

Easy replacement in remote areas

In case your device needs to be replaced, we have provided fast service without much paperwork required.

New IQOS device at a special price

Collect points and get the best prices for the IQOS DUO device

Partner's offers

Get the best of our partnership offers, when moving to a new status, choose one of the vouchers from our partners.