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Our Tips for a Unique IQOS Experience this Summer
Our Tips for a Unique IQOS Experience this Summer

Our Tips for a Unique IQOS Experience this Summer

This summer promises to be unpredictable but, as per usual, every adventure needs to be handled with care. That’s why we recommend you to follow these suggestions during your summer travels in order to have a very pleasant IQOS experience:

• During high sun exposure it’s normal for the IQOS holder to get overheated.

If your IQOS holder is hotter than usual, don’t worry! Overheating is normal in high temperature conditions while the device is being exposed to the sun.

• Don’t leave your heat sticks under the sun.

Don’t keep your heat sticks under direct sun exposure and avoid water or humidity. Make sure they are kept dry.

• Use IQOS accessories to protect your device from scratches, heat and water.

Unique and elegant caps, sleeves and folios of different textures and colours. IQOS offers a range of accessories that not only protect your device from possible damages, but also adds style to it!

• Don’t charge your IQOS device if it’s under high temperature exposure.

If your IQOS device is exposed to sunlight, avoid charging it.

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Enjoy your summer with IQOS!